There are many ways to do good, and one of our favourite ways to gather people around a cause is through cocktail parties, evenings of discussion, and more. Check out how we FÊTE + DO GOOD, below!

 Image by  Eugenia Loli

Image by Eugenia Loli

INSPIRE + DO GOOD: DRINKS & DISCUSSION WITH WOMEN WHO DARE @WeWork L'Avenue                                                                 


A tribute to the female activists behind International Women's Day. In order to recognize their achievements, we decided to combine cocktails and inspiration, with the help of:

  1. Marika Anthony-Shaw: founder of Plus1, an organization that she founded while a member of Arcade Fire. They work with bands like The National and Macklemore to do good. 
  2. Beatrice Deer: singer for the Beatrice Deer band, and an Inuit woman who has survived and overcome almost every statistic applied to indigenous communities here in Canada: suicide, addiction, depression. She lives in and links both the Inuit community and the non-indigenous community.
  3. Jane Rabinowicz: executive director at USC Canada and founder and executive director of the Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security. She works with farmers around the world to ensure that the seeds they plant remain diverse, before we all end up eating nothing but wheat and potatoes. 

Thank you to WeWork for their space and their support. Visit their website to set up a tour!

For me, the event was very moving and inspiring because the women were so authentic and generous with sharing their struggles and joys in pursuing a cause that they believe in. I found that their profiles were very different - and it was a good thing.
— Lorena, attendee


SIP + DO GOOD for haitian hurricane victims @ 'ti agrikol
for vétérimed & haitian health foundation

A cocktail party to support Haitians hit by hurricane Matthew. We raised $2047.97 to offer short and long term solutions to those afflicted: half the funds went to Haitian Health Foundation which provided medical care in the hardest hit region of Haiti, and the other half to Vétérimed Haiti, to replace lost farm animals, which are essential to food security and financial independence. 

(The money you’ve raised) allows an Eric, a Sophie, a Martin to speak to his mother again, to get up in the morning with more joy - to be able to say ‘well, I made it through’, individual victories that we can help them achieve. And to have people feel that yes, it was worth coming to us for help. ‘’
— Jean-Rémy Provost, directeur Revivre

dance + do good against mental illness @ rialto theatre
for revivre

After losing two friends to suicide, we threw a dance party with three of Montreal's most beloved DJs, The Goods Soundsystem and Sweet Daddy Luv, to raise money for Revivre, a non-profit organization that offers workshops and support to people struggling with bipolar disorder, depression or anxiety disorders. The $2,237.43 we raised paid for the training of new staff, and as a result they were able to assist 54 additional people in need of urgent help.