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Tacos together to support young homeless women

On Tuesday, May 16th, we gathered to MANGE+DO GOOD and raised $3939.50 for Passages, the only women's shelter of its kind. Why?

Because they employ men as staff to teach the women that not all men are bad; because it's the only shelter for 18-30 yr old women exclusively; but most of all, because they welcome you just as you are. Grumman '78 welcomed 65 of us to raise money, which was used to offer the women of the shelter the kinds of extras we often take for granted: a space to garden, new towels, outings in the city, and some money left over for emergency repairs for the building.

As always, we invited women from the community we were supporting to dine with us, and they did. We also asked our guests to write down the advice they would need to hear if they had to knock on the door of a shelter…the answers are in the images below, and were pasted on the walls of Passages women<s shelter - one more way to share our care.

Images of the event by the talented and generous Gustavo Bernardo Nagel, and thank you to the many businesses that donated amazing prizes for our raffle : Bell Jar Botanicals, Boucle & Papier, Festival de Musique de chambre de Montréal and Rudsak!