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Cocktails, cake & wisdom to prevent suicide

In June 2018, the suicides of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade reminded us that suffering is universal, no matter who you are. AIME + do good was our way of doing something good about bad news: a cocktail & cake soirée to connect us with one another and to learn how to care for friends who are struggling. We welcomed experts from Revivre and AMI Québec, who shared their wisdom and the profits from the event. They empowered us by explaining how to help yourself, or a friend who might be struggling.  

We asked those who attended: what music do you listen to when you need to feel better? From that list comes this crowdsourced Spotify playlist, here. And we asked their advice: what helps you feel better when you’re down? Their advice is on our blog, here.

Testimonials that brought tears to my eyes, saluting the courage of people strong enough to talk about their rough patch, but also a feeling of being there together to talk about something that touches more people that we would like to believe. We came out of that night with a warm feeling and a light heart, a sentiment of togetherness that was deeply touching.
— Isabelle Paille

Café Pista gave us their space, CIRKA distilleries gave us their wonderful gin and vodka, RISE gave us fabulous kombucha and LOOP gave us delicious juices - so even the cocktails were good for us. And the wonderful Stéphanie at Patisserie Rhubarbe made us strawberry shortcakes that we won’t soon forget. Thank you all. Images courtesy of Isabelle Paille and Gustavo Federico.

Later Event: November 10
Do good with bad news(paper)