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Baking with and for newly arrived refugees

The YMCA Residence is where asylum seekers live for their first weeks upon arrival in Montreal. We learned that the Residence couldn't afford to offer newly arrived asylum seekers both a holiday meal and desserts at what would be their first holiday party in their new home…so WeDoSomething Mtl rented a kitchen and baked holiday desserts.

We also encouraged people to bake at home and together we baked 270 desserts which were served at the party in December 2015. And we used the money left over from ticket sales to buy Christmas presents for the children of the Residence.

Why we chose the YMCA Residence:

This is the first stop for many refugees and asylum seekers who find their way to Canada. And it’s staffed by former asylum seekers, volunteers and amazing Montrealers who work incredibly hard. They also welcome Montrealers who have lost their homes in fires or floods.

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