Many of us feel powerless to do anything about the bad news we read every day.

WeDoSomething Mtl is another way to give - an alternative to fundraising galas or pressing the Donate Now button on a charity's website. We're trying to make it easier for people to give regularly without feeling poorer, to learn about others without feeling schooled, and to meet others without thinking of them as 'other'. 

We offer people a way to enjoy doing good, so that it can become a pleasure and a habit, rather than just a responsibility. Because there’s no need to feel guilty about how good your life is to help improve someone else's.

We believe that giving is about more than money. It's about community. So we bring together people who want to help and to learn with people who need help and need to be heard, as human beings, equals. Together, we are an antidote to powerlessness, one event at a time. 

If one person walks out of one our events being more open, more educated, and more connected to others in their community - then we did something good.