How to DO SOMETHING about suicide

How to DO SOMETHING about suicide

In June 2018, the suicides of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade reminded us that suffering is universal. We decided to do something in the face of suicide so we invited experts from Revivre and AMI Québec to share their knowledge with us so that we would know how to support ourselves and others in dark times. Here’s your cheat sheet.

INSPIRE+DO GOOD#3: Annabel Soutar, activiste en théatre/theatre activist

INSPIRE+DO GOOD#3: Annabel Soutar, activiste en théatre/theatre activist

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Annabel Soutar est la co-fondatrice de Porte Parole, une compagnie de théâtre documentaire fondée en 2000. Elle et son partenaire Alex Ivanovici produisent des pièces de théâtre sur des sujets ambitieux tels que la santé, les bulles financières, la globalisation et l’immigration. Leur objectif ? De provoquer et susciter le dialogue citoyen.

Annabel is the co-founder and artistic director of Porte Parole, a documentary theatre company she founded in 2000 with her husband Alex Ivanovici to focus on social conflicts in Quebec and Canada. From GMOs to access to fresh water, from racial profiling, to energy politics. Annabel’s goal is to use theatre for democratic dialogue, and to promote curiosity, creativity and critical thinking between diverse people.

INSPIRE+DO GOOD#2: MissMe, Street Artist/e de rue

INSPIRE+DO GOOD#2: MissMe, Street Artist/e de rue

MissMe est une artiste activiste qui à quitté le monde de la pub pour créer des images qui sont non seulement impossibles à ignorer, mais qui  nous font questionner : comment une femme se voit-elle ? À qui appartient sa sexualité ?  Nous luis avons demandé ce qui lui fait peur, ce qui l'inspire, et plus. 


MissMe is a Montreal-based activist who gave up her 'real' job in advertising to become an artist whose work asks women to examine how they see themselves, and asks men to examine how they view women. We asked her what scares her, what inspires her, and more. 

INSPIRE + DO GOOD #1: A., Student // Étudiante

INSPIRE + DO GOOD #1: A., Student // Étudiante

(EN below)  What better way to start off our series of interviews with female activists than with A., the 14-year old daughter of our founder, a potential activist-in-the-making who first needs to survive teenagerdom.

Nous lançons notre série d’entrevues avec une adolescente de 14 ans  — la fille de notre fondatrice, une activiste-en entrainement qui essaye avant tout de traverser l'adolescence. 

International Women's day / Journée internationale des femmes = INSPIRE + DO GOOD


The United Nations began celebrating International Women's Day on March 8, 1975, but it originally emerged from labour movements led by women in the early 1900s. They protested for the right to work, for better working conditions, for the right to vote.

International Women's Day was also tied to the peace movement, and became a mechanism for protesting World War I. From Europe to Russia, women held rallies either to protest the war or to express solidarity with other activists.

So in order to recognize the achievements of those women, we support activist women. Every week throughout March, we'll take you inside the minds of Montreal women who DO good around them….we'll share interviews with activists in the hope of inspiring new ones. 

Why? Because we lift everyone up with the good we do, regardless of gender.

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La journée internationale des femmes fût officiellement adoptée par les Nations Unies le 8 mars 1975, mais elle a ses racines au début du 20é siècle dans les mouvements ouvriers menés par les femmes qui demandaient le droit de travailler, et puis de meilleures conditions de travail. De l’Europe jusqu’en Russie, les femmes se sont rassemblées pour soutenir leurs soeurs activistes. 


INSPIRE + DO GOOD à le même objectif : chaque semaine nous vous présenterons une activiste montréalaise pour vous inspirer et vous motiver à faire du good dans vos vies et celles qui vous entourent. Suivez-nous sur Facebook et Instagram.