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Since we launched in 2015, we’ve learned a lot about the power of philanthropy - which is just another word for doing good. Philanthropy connect strangers to one another, brings communities together, educates, and offers meaning to our lives. We believe that philanthropy is an often-overlooked tool that can benefit companies internally (connect employees, support strategic objectives, create meaningful content), and offer positive social impact in the community, by supporting charities and non-profits that are committed to improving our world. That’s why WeDoSomething has been offering consulting services since 2018 to:

The private sector : We help companies do good for their brand, for their employees and for the community at large. We design community-focused activities and workshops that align with your company’s mission and values; that take into account the interests of your employees; and that benefit social causes and the non-profit sector.

Foundations/non-profits: We help foundations and non-profits find new ways to connect with their donors. We believe that donors want meaning above all - so we help design it into everything you do, from your communication strategy to your fundraising initiatives.

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