When the news is too bad to bear, we look for organizations that know what to do about it, and we help them. 

We do this by

  • Fun-raising, which means we raise money for organizations that know how to solve problems we don’t, without using guilt - because we don't believe you have to feel guilty about how good your life is to improve someone else's.
  • Educating our community about the issues we read about in the news, by telling the stories of the people who are living them, as well as the people working to help them. 
  • Connecting communities that wouldn’t otherwise meet. That's why we invite the people we support to be part of our events. 

We fill our fun-raisers with people from different backgrounds, cultures, ages and languages, because we believe that the desire to do something good is the only thing you need to have in common to enjoy each other - so expect the make new friends at each event. We offer tickets at various prices, in order to accommodate both the Tesla-driving lawyer, and the bike-riding artist alike. Together we eat+do good, bake+do good, fête+do good for charitable organizations that need financial support and deserve to be known.

We believe that giving is about more than money - it's about connection - about meeting the people we give to, listening to their stories and understanding how the money we donate will impact them.